Tamoxifen 10 mg 100 tab Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Tamoxifen 10 mg 100 tab Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Buy Tamoxifen 100 tablets x 10 mg Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Tamoxifen is one of the most popular selective estrogen receptor blockers. The main difference between this group of antiestrogens and aromatase inhibitors is that the former ones can’t influence the process of aromatization. It makes sense to buy Tamoxifen for post-cycle therapy.

However, in one case, it makes sense to use Tamoxifen during a steroid cycle: do so if you need to get rid of gynaecomasty symptoms. If you don’t solve the problem, you’ll need surgery sooner or later. It’s worth noting that no other antiestrogen has the same effect as this combination of medications. You can order Tamoxifen under profitable conditions in our store.

The effects of Tamoxifen

This antiestrogen has a lot of positive effects, but we’re going to talk only about the ones significant for the athletes:

  • Restores natural testosterone production;
  • Prevents gynaecomasty development;
  • Normalizes lipoprotein structure balance.

This product has been very popular among athletes for many years. However, lately, Clomid began to drive it from the market. At the same time, many athletes continue to buy Tamoxifen. The reason is its attractive price. These products are almost equal in terms of effectiveness, but Clomid is more modern and doesn’t have some of the drawbacks that Tamoxifen has. At the same time, if you use Tamoxifen wisely, the risks of side effects are very low.

How to use Tamoxifen

As it has already been said, Tamoxifen is almost always used during post-cycle therapy after the withdrawal of steroids. Course duration should be 2-5 weeks depending on how strong the anabolic cycle was. Daily dosage is 20 mg, it’s enough to get great results.

In our store, you can buy steroids, peptides, growth hormones, and products for post-cycle therapy under profitable conditions. Not only the athletes from New York but also the ones from Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities are welcomed. We deliver the orders as quickly as possible.

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