Got order on Balkan roids and Jintropin europharm hgh, will get review after receiving



Ordered from these guys more than 20 kits. every kit arrived within 5 working days with no issues. Never had any problems with the quality of the products except once that i received a product that probably was degraded and they replaced it with and extra discount on my next order as well!
I mostly order ansomone kits from them due to the incredible price but lately due to not be able to get ansomone in stock i ordered some ZPtropin. Mention that i have done bloodiest to almost every kit i received from them but even without tests i get all the benefits from HGH (and all the sides) So i guess test wasn't necessary but since they are new source i didn't take any chances so i did couple of tests during the last year im buying from them.

text_comment_toZptropin 12 IU


I've went with these guys several times in the past. They've always done a great job!


Big Boss

Honestly - i like this awesome Products !
Got Some Test E + Bold + Turinabol


Simon Lu

I was surprised to see the t/a so quick on an international order. Very impressed about 2 weeks.

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