Cheap and totally good option to buy. Don't pay attention to the manufacturer, which will seem like a no-name to most people. They make good products for athletes there, just not many people know. And the prices are cheaper. This site seems to work directly with the factory, and there is a credible quality guarantee.



If anyone does not know, this drug is better in the quality of its effect than a number of slightly more sought-after analogues like anastrozole, letrozone and some others. It completely deactivates aromatase, not just blocks the action of this enzyme. Keep this fact in mind when buying it, and good luck with your goals!

Comment to product: Exedrol 25 mg 20 tab Balkan


It's a proven manufacturer, and the product in the store is original, I've already checked. You can buy it without looking at the price, it's a worthy investment.



Wow, I had to look it up! Highly recommended. I give it five stars, but I'm still waiting for delivery. And in general, the assortment here is great, I decided to try to order a couple more product items. In addition, the manager gave me useful tips, how can I not take advantage of such knowledge? Now I'm waiting for the delivery and will work hard!



The purchase, delivery, quality - everything is ok. I will keep ordering here. But I want to warn new athletes, be careful and talk to your doctor before using

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