No worse or better than the other options you'll find here. In general, you can take any product by category, I buy from these guys regularly, and they have never once let me down. Great experience.

Comment to product: Genotropin 36 IU (EU domestic)


Do you want powerful muscles? Consult a specialist if you need it, and then you can take it. The seller does a great job, it's a bargain to buy here, and the delivery, I can tell you, is no problem



This is the second time I've got it here - and the first time was great, but I'm well stocked now, too. It lasts a long time, and not all the money in the world is spent. Including this issue clenbuterol took, but it’s bought the first time, and it's kinda fine



A little hesitant to order because of the price, but in fact the thing was great. Great value for the reasonable price, thank you seller

Comment to product: ISPL Gonadolon 3000 IU


The main thing I like about Esculap is the speed of action. In just a couple of hours I get a tremendous burst of activity. Where else will you find something like that? I have not tried everything on the market, but here we are dealing with high quality, 100%.

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