RusBio Pharma

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RUS BIOPHARM was founded in 2012 as an integrated biopharmaceutical full-cycle production company.

Our priorities are:

  • Genetically engineered biological preparations
  • Full range of Asthma and COPD treatments
  • Drugs for targeted therapy of serious social diseases, including orphaned

We are continuously developing state-of-the-art, high-performance medicines, including new fixed combinations that significantly improve patients' quality of life.

The separate direction is the own development and production of biotechnological (genetic engineering) products for the treatment of severe autoimmune diseases, which are the most difficult to cure.

Group of companies Rus Biofarm/ PSK Pharma strictly monitors the safety and quality of their drugs for the health of consumers. In accordance with the ethical principles and requirements of the Russian legislation, the company organizes the collection and analysis of information on any side effects, as well as coordination with regulatory bodies in this field of the immune system.


All products are manufactured at a modern plant, opened in 2019. The plant is equipped with all necessary production and analytical equipment, allowing to reproduce modern methods of production and analysis of medicines.

For the analysis of inhalation forms, a new generation Impactor (NGI) is used, which allows to determine the exact amount of active substance penetrating into lungs during inhalation (particles with a diameter of 1 to 5 um), which is an important characteristic of these medicinal forms.

For the analysis of particle size distribution, a modern Sympatec instrument is used, which allows to quickly determine the quality of raw materials used for the production of inhalation forms.

Microbiological and analytical laboratories are equipped to analyse biotechnology products using modern techniques, including cell lines.

RusBio Pharma is a Russian pharmaceutical brand that uses a wide range of domestic and international developments to product highly effective drugs. The benefits, high quality and safety of products are emphasized by beginners and professional athletes, as well as by independent world-class research.

RusBio Pharma bodybuilding products are widely distributed in Russia and the countries of the ex-USSR, but today the brand is entering the world market. Their preparations can be bought by athletes from all over the world, always counting on a combination of high quality and affordable pricesNew results will definitely be achieved with RusBio Pharma!