Aicar 30 caps (10 mg) Special Force

Aicar 30 caps (10 mg) Special Force

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Aicar is a synthetical peptide, it’s an analogue of endogenous substances. In the body, it’s an intermediary in the process of inosine monophosphate synthesis. Thus, Aicar participates actively in metabolic processes. No wonder many athletes decide to buy Aicar. At the same time, the product can also be used by people who don’t do sports because the peptide can protect cellular structures of heart muscle. Athletes appreciate this solution most of all because it can increase stamina significantly.

The effects of Aicar

Scientists have studied Aicar well. It blocks some enzymes, thus boosting glucose absorption and synthesis of proteins in muscle tissues. As a result, the body has more energy and stamina improves.

Its ability to increase stamina is the secondary positive effect in general, but the main one for the athletes. Also, the scientists found out that this peptide can emulate physical activity if a person doesn’t work out. Thanks for that, it can be used as a fat burner for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. However, combined with workouts, it’s much more effective.

Here’re the main effects of Aicar:

      increases stamina significantly;

      improves muscle tissue metabolism;

      improves glucose level;

      attractive price of Aicar;

      effectively prevents some heart muscle diseases;

      boost lipolysis;

      effective fat burner.

How to take Aicar

Daily dosage is 10-25 mg. It directly depends in how intense your workouts are. If you don’t do sports, you need minimum doses. Our sports pharma store works with people from all U.S. cities: Chicago, New York and etc.

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