Andarine (S-4) 60 caps (25 mg) Magnus

Andarine (S-4) 60 caps (25 mg) Magnus

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Andarine (S-4) 60 caps (25 mg) Magnus description

Andarine is an effective SARMs product. Athletes use it to gain high-quality muscle mass and improve muscle definition. SARMs (also known as selective modulators of androgen receptors) are a new generation of solutions for improving sports results. Many sports pharma experts are sure that SARMs will be able to push AAS out of the market in the future. We offer you to order Andarine under profitable conditions.

Effects of Andarine

Professional bodybuilders use Andarol at the final stage of preparation for a tournament. This product allows to gain high-quality muscle mass, as well as to get rid of excess weight. One of the main advantages of SARMs products over anabolic steroids is absence of side effects.

SARMs products don’t have estrogenic and progestogenic activity, as well as aren’t able to suppress pituitary axis function. Among the useful properties of Andarol which you can buy from us, one can highlight the following ones:

      Stimulate muscle tissue hypertrophy;

      Reduce osteoporosis risks;

      Let an athlete recover after a workout faster;

      Have no negative effects on prostate gland.

It’s worth noting that SARMs can be used with low risks of virilization development. Andarol price isn’t high, and this also has a good effect on its popularity.

Course of Andarine

If the athlete’s weight is below 85 kg, he or she needs jut 1 capsule and it’s better to take it in the morning. If his or her weight exceeds 85 kg, daily dosage is 2 capsules. Take the second capsule when having your lunch. Course duration in 2 months.

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