Armodafinil 30 caps (150 mg) Special Force

Armodafinil 30 caps (150 mg) Special Force

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Buy Armodafinil 30 caps (150 mg)

Armodafinil is a nootropic. This stimulator is used in traditional medicine to treat some diseases. You can order Armodafinil under profitable conditions in our online store.

The effects of Armodafinil

This product is a modified version of Modafinil. Armodafinil – you can buy it from us – has three effects at the same time:

      Increases histamine and dopamine levels, thus improving cognitive capability.

      Increases orexin, noradrenaline and serotonin levels. Lack of orexin makes you feel tired and sleepy. Noradrenaline is one of the most well-known neurotransmitters. Increase in its levelhelps the body to have more energy in reserve. Serotonin improves your mood and makes you emotionally stable.

      It inhibits GABA and activates glutamatergic chains. Glutamate is one of the strongest neurotransmitters in the human body, it has excitory influence. GABA is quite the opposite. Thus, using Armodafinil increase physical and mental activity.

Many of our clients note that the price of Armodafinil looks affordable, but its more important benefit is that it’s very safe. If you follow all recommendations, be sure you won’t experience any side effects. You can be sure of that because this product is researched very well.

Numerous reviews on Armodafinil prove everything said above. Clinical trials revealed average side effects, but serious side effects were experienced only if the dosage was too high.

How to use Armodafinil

Recommended daily dosage is 150-250 mg. It’s a strong stimulator, so it’s better to take it during the first half of the day, better in the morning. If you ignore this recommendation, you can develop sleep problems. Also, don’t stop taking it suddenly. At the final stage of Armodafinil course, reduce the dose gradually until complete withdrawal.

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