F-Modafinil 30 caps (50 mg) Special Force

F-Modafinil 30 caps (50 mg) Special Force

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Buy F-Modafinil 30 caps (50 mg)

F-Modafinil is a strong nervous system stimulator. It’s banned in some countries. However, it’s used in traditional medicine in many countries, but it’s unavailable without prescription. You can buy F-Modafinil in our store under profitable conditions.

The effects of F-Modafinil

This solution increases the levels of several neurotransmitters:

      Orexin. This substance controls the sleep/wake cycle. Lack of it makes you feel sleepy and tired.

      Dopamine. Increasing its level helps to improve cognitive capability.

      Serotonin F-Modafinil inhibits reuptake of this neurotransmitter, thus increasing serotonin level and improving your mood.

Many people decide to order F-Modafinil to stimulate nervous system. Describing this solution, it also makes sense to mention that it increases the level of noradrenaline – the substance the athletes are interested in because it can increase energy.

For example, using F-Modafinil can low down synthesis of endogenous orexin. As a result, you’ll need to take measures to restore these reactions.

How to take F-Modafinil

Recommended daily dosage varies between 150-200 mg. This product is a strong stimulator, that’s why it make sense to take it only during the first half of the day, the best time is morning. It’s easy to find reviews on F-Modafinil on the Internet, and most of them are positive.

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