Ibutamorol (MK-677) 30 caps (25 mg) Special Force

Ibutamorol (MK-677) 30 caps (25 mg) Special Force

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Buy Ibutamorol (MK-677) 30 caps (25 mg)

Ibutamorol has been actively used by athletes for several years. Today, American body byuilders can buy Ibutamorol, too. The most profitable way to do it is to buy it in our store. This SARMs is so popular first of all because it’s effective and safe. Also, the price of Ibutamorol looks attractive.

Ibutamorol effects

Although this product is a part of the group of selective modulators of androgen receptors, it has almost no effect on them, meaning that a course of Ibutamorol won’t change your hormone levels. Its operation is about activation of ghrelin receptors. In addition, the product can stimulate the processes of production of endogenous somatotropin.

The second property of the product is the reason why it has a strong fat burning effect. Increase in growth hormone level activates anabolic processes. Every athlete knows that gaining muscle mass is connected with muscle fiber hypertrophy. However, as the consequence of somatotropin level, Ibutamorol helps to activate muscle cell structure hyperplasia.

Here’re the main positive effects of Ibutamorol:

      It boosts protein production in muscles;

      It suppresses catabolic reactions;

      It slows down neolipogenesis;

      Increases the number of mitochondria in muscle cells;

      Has strong fat-burning properties.

You can easily find reviews on Ibutamorol on the Internet. This product gained popularity quite quickly. Their desire to order Ibutamorol is explained first of all by its effectiveness and high level of safety.

How to take Ibutamorol

Daily dosage is 15 mg – 1 capsule. Ibutamorol course duration most often doesn’t exceed 2 months. Given that this product can’t influence hormone system, you don’t need post cycle therapy after Ibutamorol withdrawal.

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