Ostarine (MK-2856) 35 tab (30 mg) Hygene Biopharm

Ostarine (MK-2856) 35 tab (30 mg) Hygene Biopharm

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Ostarine (MK-2856) 35 tab (30 mg) description

Ostarine is used to gain muscle mass in sports. This drug is one of the first representatives of the SARMs group. Ostarine is widely popular among bodybuilders. You can order Ostarine for a reasonable price in our online shop.

Effects of Ostarine

Ostarine was developed for traditional medicine to treat muscular dystrophy and osteoporosis. As it always happens with new types of sports pharmaceuticals, the first to buy Ostarine were western bodybuilders. However, athletes in the Russian-speaking world can now do so as well.

It is helpful for athletes to know that Ostarin isn’t banned for use in sports. It can be used quite legally. Professional bodybuilders use Ostarine during the bridging period on "perpetual" courses. Fans of the sport use this SARM for rapid weight gain.

According to athletes, one course of this drug gives about 4 kilos of high-quality weight. This is possible if you follow the correct training and nutrition program. You should agree that this is an excellent result. The risks of developing side effects when using any SARMs are minimal.

The most important positive effects of use are:

·      gain quality mass;

·      increasing the strength potential;

·      fat-burning activity;

·      normalizing the quality of sleep;

·      increasing stamina.

Also important for amateur bodybuilders is the factor of favorable price. Ostarine is a relatively inexpensive drug with high efficacy.

Ostarine solo course

The daily dosage of Ostarine depends on the bodyweight of the athlete:

·      up to 80 kilograms - 25 mg;

·      over 80 kilograms - 50 mg.

Course duration is 2-2.5 months.

Combining with other drugs

Ostarin is most often combined with Cardarin, Radarin, Reverol, and Ibutamoren. Also, good results are possible when using this SARM together with peptides Ipamorelin and GHRP-6.

Post-course therapy with Ostarine

If you follow the recommended dosages, you can do without post-course therapy. Otherwise, it is worth organizing a light recovery therapy. We sell sports pharmaceuticals in the entire territory of the USA.

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