Reverol (SR9009) 35 tab (15 mg) Hygene Biopharm

Reverol (SR9009) 35 tab (15 mg) Hygene Biopharm

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Reverol (SR9009) 35 tab (15 mg) description

Reverol is one of new SARMs (selective modulators of androgen receptors group) products. It’s very popular among athletes nowadays. You can buy Reverol to improve your stamina and utilize adipose tissues.

The effects of Reverol

During the trials, it was found out that Reverol can increase the number of mitochondria in the cells of muscle tissues, thus increasing energy. Also, scientists proved that SARMs boosts protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Today, the research is carried out to find out if it’s possible to use it to treat obesity and diabetes.

Reverol imitates the effect of aerobics. It activates lipolysis even a person doesn’t work out. This property of SARMs is used in medicine to treat muscle atrophy in people unable to be physically active enough. The increase in number of mitochondria can help to boost metabolism at least 5%.

Here’re the two properties of Reverolthat are most important for athletes:

      it increases stamina and productivity;

      it boosts lipolysis.

Thus, it makes sense to order Reverol to use it during cutting phase. It’ll also be suitable for cyclic port.

Course of Reverol

Athletes whose weight is below 80 kg can take 15 mg daily. Those whose weight exceeds 80 kg need 30 mg. The half life period of Reverol’s active component is no more than 6 hours, that’s why daily dosage should be divided into 2 parts – take capsules every 12 hours. Women can use this solution to improve sports performance, too. Also, Reverol isn’t overpriced.

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