Vermodje, Moldova

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The pharmaceutical production plant SC "VERMODJE" SRL is located in an ecologically clean suburban area, 10 kilometers from the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. The total number of employees working at the enterprise - 40 people. The company has been in existence since 2001 and is successfully engaged in the production and sale of various types of pharmaceutical products, veterinary and human purposes.


Under what conditions VERMOJE was produced

In 2013, the new laboratory was built according to all GMP requirements and standards. Pharmaceutical plant has 4 production lines of sterile ampoules, vials, tablets and capsules. The production complex represents a two-storey building with a total area of 835.3 m2 and adjacent land plot with a total area of 0.258 hectares.

The production uses equipment of leading world manufacturers such as Carvalho, Zanasi, Uhlmann, Appatebau, Kenwood. The capacity of the installed equipment allows to produce up to 60,000 tablets per hour.

The personnel of the pharmaceutical enterprise is selected taking into account the availability of professional system education (confirmed by a diploma) as well as the presence of specific experience (confirmed by relevant recommendations and records in employment documents). All staff are aware of the requirements and rules for the production and quality control of medicines relevant to their work and receive initial and refresher training to the extent required, including on personal hygiene.

The list of products produced by VERMODJE includes dozens of different names of optional destination. Among the achievements of Vermodj is worth highlighting several awards from the Ministry of Health of Moldova. Certificates for the highest quality and effectiveness were awarded to such drugs produced by Vermoj, as: Androver, Naposim, Stanoer, Turinnover, etc. In injection esters, ethylenate (oleate) is used as a solvent, thus relieving the pain from injections of oil.

It’s only been a few years since the company entered the market of steroids and very actively occupied its niche, to some extent due to good PR and of course due to the combination of price-quality. Vermodje SRL is positioning its steroid drugs as veterinary, but it is only to reduce taxes and simplify product certification, as they are no different from similar drugs of other manufacturers for people.